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Elk Systems, Inc. goal is to provide a comprehensive technology solution that matches your company’s needs. We provide a variety of services that are customized to meet your specific requirements. We are committed to our customers and would like to provide you with the most reliable service and stable technology environment that we can.

Manufacturing of Computers
From your personal needs to your more complex enterprise solutions, we can create what you need. We build machines that match your specific needs. No more settling for some of the things that you want, but not all of the things that you need. Now, you can have both combined in a custom build laptop, workstation, or server.

Case Network Design
Still running peer to peer, needing to use a thumb drive to copy files from one computer to the next? You were thinking about how much more efficient it would be to have everything interconnected? You were thinking how nice it would be for your employees to be able to access certain files from home when they needed them too? Do you need to make things more efficient, but are not sure where to start? Elk Systems, Inc. offers a comprehensive network design built to your needs and requirements. Give us a call to discuss your options.

Maintenance Programs
Elk Systems, Inc. can offer various maintenance plans depending upon the size of your network and the needs of your company. All of these plans are again about customization. Why purchase a package of specific items when only a portion of them are applicable to your company. We listen to YOUR needs, analyze your computers or network and offer a comprehensive maintenance plan for that meets what your company needs.

Case Technical Support
Times are tough. Can’t afford that full-time IT expert in your office? Elk Systems, Inc. can help you reduce some of the overhead costs of an in-office IT person by providing support to your company at a competitive rate. We can provide answers to questions for your computer users or provide hardware and software support on your computers and/or servers. We can also offer support with some specialized software packages upon request.

Disaster Recovery
Human error and intervention, either intentional or unintentional, can cause massive failures such as loss of communication and utility. In addition, there are also numerous hardware failures that occur, with and without warning. How much down time will you have? What is that downtime really costing you? What are the effects to your organization in the event of loss or degradation of a portion or all of your business functions? Let Elk Systems, Inc. conduct a Business Impact Analysis of your business or organization. Less us tell you what type of measures need to be taken to meet your requirements. What are the future preventative measures, detective measures, and the corrective measures? Make sure you protect your company and business data by having a disaster recovery plan.

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